About Us

About Us


Our vision is to establish a pioneering desalination project that revolutionizes the way we address water scarcity and secures a sustainable future for communities worldwide. Through cutting-edge technology, innovative practices, and a commitment to environmental stewardship, our project aims to unlock the vast potential of desalination while ensuring long-term social, economic, and ecological benefits.


To enhance the environment by providing clean sustainable water efficiently to the region of Abu Dhabi.


1. Safety

Safety must always come first, but it can be challenging to do so sustainably. Our goal is to identify the safest but most environmentally friendly strategies so that our facility, employees, and the communities we work with may all live in healthy, safe environments.

2. People

Together we grow

3. Environment and Sustainability

We are concerned about the environment in which we work, but we also give the external effects of our plant equal weight. We work to find innovative solutions to lower our carbon footprint and embed sustainable practices into every aspect of our daily operations.

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Taweelah Energy Complex, P.O. BOX: 137899, Al Taweelah, Abu Dhabi, UAE


+971 24 920700